Building philanthropy in the Keys and providing community leadership is one of CFFK’s primary roles. The Community Foundation of the Florida Keys offers a wide variety of ways in which you can fulfill your philanthropic goals.


Making a Difference

You’ve worked hard to achieve your goals and to support the causes and institutions you believe in. Charitable giving is an important part of your life. As someone who knows the value of giving, you want to be assured that your gifts will meet vital needs and really make a difference in our community. You want to know your gifts will achieve positive results and, of course, maximize your tax deductions. You may want to involve your family in your giving. You want a tasteful level of recognition — or perhaps you want anonymity.

But most of all, you want an easy and flexible way to accomplish your objectives. There is a simple way for you to make a difference and leave a lasting legacy in our community. You can make a difference for good, a difference forever — and that’s by establishing a fund with us.

Charitable Funds

Great giving options. Choose the one that’s right for you. Donors can establish any of the following types of funds in their name, in a family’s name, or in the name of any person or organization they wish to honor. Grants distributed from a donor’s fund are awarded in the name of their fund. These funds last forever and the person or organization will always be remembered and linked to good works in our community. The donor may choose to be anonymous if desired.

  • Donor Advised Funds. You participate in the use of your gift. Aided by our professional staff, you identify how the resources of your Donor Advised Fund should be used. Your recommendation is submitted to the Foundation Board for approval; we then distribute the grant dollars on your behalf.
  • Unrestricted Funds. You allow the Foundation Board and staff to determine the best use of the resources of your fund. The flexibility provided by your Unrestricted Fund allows the Foundation to respond to the ever-changing needs of our community …today and tomorrow.
  • Scholarship FundsYou determine the criteria that students must reach to receive a scholarship from your fund.
  • Designated Funds. You can direct the resources of your Designated Fund to benefit a specific purpose or nonprofit organization.
  • Nonprofit Funds. Leaders of nonprofit organizations select the Community Foundation to hold their organization’s endowment or funds for operating support or programmatic needs. The Community Foundation offers skilled financial management of these funds, which enables nonprofit organizations to have a constant source of funds to provide ongoing income for operations, programs, or to respond to emergency needs.

How do you create a fund?  Click here to find out how.

For more information on establishing a fund, click here for Guidelines for Donor-Advised Funds.

Each year, individuals and organizations make gifts to the more than 135 funds and endowments under CFFK management to provide grants, scholarships, and awards to the community. Donors also make gifts to CFFK to help support its programs and services for the community, including Unsung Heroes, the Leadership Success Academy, and more. How do you make a gift to CFFK or to one of its named funds or endowments? Click here to find out how.

Legacy Program

Legacy Society. To be remembered by acts of giving after one’s lifetime is indeed an honor. Through your will or life insurance policy you can benefit your community well into the future. As a member of our Legacy Society you can express your wishes today and know with confidence that they will be honored by the Foundation. Click here to learn more.