Ways to Get Involved

You can help further the work of the Community Foundation, on behalf of the entire community, in many ways.

  • Set up a charitable fund. You can set up a fund at once with money earmarked for eventual charitable distribution. Then at some future time, make grants from your fund to the causes that matter to you, at whatever occasions you choose. You can set up a fund, if it is more convenient, with appreciated securities, avoiding capital gains taxes, or with real estate, art, valuables of many sorts.
  • Arrange for a bequest. A simple change in your will or an amendment in your revocable living trust can be an effective way to rearrange assets for your charitable purposes. It can be quickly done by you and your attorney. Specific, suggested wording for a bequest arrangement is readily available from the Foundation. You or your financial consultant are, as ever, urged to call on the Foundation for fully informed guidance in these and other estate-planning matters.
  • Join a CFFK Committee. Bring your experience, skills and special interests to the work of a Foundation committee. For instance, if you have a background in advertising or journalism, you’ll enjoy becoming involved with the publicity activities of the CFFK Marketing Committee. Spend as much or as little time as you can reasonably offer. It’ll be time well spent. You may have experience in financial or investment matters. Or in fund raising. Or in arranging receptions and special events. Or in running a website. Consider bringing your interests and strengths to your Community Foundation. You’ll find it rewarding. And your community will benefit. For more details, contact us.
  • Join the community and business leaders who are bringing financial support to the Foundation at a key strategic time, a period of accelerating growth for the Foundation. You can support CFFK now by clicking here.

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