How Do I Create a Fund?

Key West is famous for their beautiful sunsets.

Charitable gifts can be made through a variety of ways and support causes throughout the Keys.

How Do I Create A Fund?

  • Decide When to Give.
    Now, through a named fund, or through our Legacy Program.
  • Decide What to Give.
    Almost any type of appreciated asset can be used as the basis for your fund.
  • Choose the Name for Your Fund
    Your name, family name or your can choose anonymity.
  • Choose a Type of Fund
    We provide a wide variety of funds to meet your charitable interests. Click here for more information.

For more information on establishing a Fund, click here for Guidelines for Donor-Advised Funds.

How do you make a gift to CFFK? Click here to find out how.

Go Ahead – Make a Difference!

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