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Joe Viana and Ray Baker
Roger and Cindy McVeigh
Kim Gordon and Steve Mizner

You can achieve your personal philanthropic goals and leave a lasting impact on the Keys community you love by including charitable giving as part of your estate plan. CFFK’s Legacy Society was created to recognize and express appreciation to donors who have created permanent legacies at your Community Foundation. 

If you wish to leave a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime, include CFFK in your estate plan and ensure that your charitable vision endures forever. You can establish a gift with cash, real estate, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder after distributions to other beneficiaries.

You become a Legacy Society Member by simply stating your intent to establish a gift to CFFK in your estate plan. No documentation of the amount or form of gift is required.  Click on the button below to complete the form and return to CFFK.

Bert Whitt and Dennis Beaver

Dennis Beaver and Bert Whitt

“We chose CFFK to be stewards of our legacies because of the outstanding job they do in recognizing and responding to the needs of our community. Our goal is to partner with CFFK in encouraging diversity by supporting local educational, historical and cultural organizations that bring to life the city’s motto of ‘One Human Family.’

These two philanthropists are 2019 recipients of CFFK’s Partners In Paradise Award.  

Charles Newman and Jane Dawkins

Jane Dawkins 

“As a years-long volunteer for the FKSPCA and board president, we decided a legacy endowment fund set up through CFFK was the perfect solution. I can now rest assured that our estate will be managed wisely and responsibly.”

Jane Dawkins and Charles Newman wanted to ensure their passion for animals would be tended to after they were gone. Charles passed away in 2019, and upon Jane’s passing, monies from her estate will support the Florida Keys SPCA. 

Thanks to Rob O'Neal and Kermit's Key Lime Pie

Members of our Legacy Society receive benefits including:

  • Invitations for events exclusively for Legacy Society members.
  • Recognition in Community Foundation publications, if desired.
  • Full access to all donor services offered by the Community Foundation.
  • Options to direct your gift to specific causes, charities or geographic areas.
  • Donors may retain anonymity as a member, if desired.

We’re grateful to these esteemed civic leaders who are active members of our Legacy Society:

Freda Anderson

Anonymous (4)

Jerilyn Barack

Dennis Beaver and Bert Whitt

William V. Beck Jr. and Anthony S. Minore

Reverend Stephen E. Braddock

Marian Buccafurni

Joyce and Ron Burd

Patti and Butch Carey

Gregory and Donna Daniels

John DeWald and Stephen Kitsakos

Dr. Margaret and Ken Domanski

Susan B. Eanes

George Fontana

Dr. Shirley Freeman and Mr. Harvey W. Server

Nancy and Mark Funt

Dolly M. Garlo and Robert Keeley

Dr.  Bill Goldner and Dr. Beverly Goldner

Stephen Mizner and Kim Gordon

Bryan Green and  Tony Konrath

Larry J. Hirsch and Kay P. Hirsch

Laura Lietaert

Nan and Mark Lindas

George Korn and Thomas Livingston

Irene Loeber

Jennifer McComb

Gordon and Meridyth McIntosh

Roger and Cindy McVeigh

Alan Melnick

Tom and Maggi Paar

Ruth L. Reiter and Daniel A. Metzler

Maria Rhoads

Denison Tempel

Rosi and Jeff Ware

Dr. Susanne Woods

Louise Woods

We’ve gratefully received these Legacy Society gifts to date. Although these generous donors are missed in our Keys community, their contributions will continue to benefit residents throughout the Keys into future generations: 

Ray Baker (not deceased) and Joe Viana

Donald Bosserman

Robert L. Burton

Rosemary and Sebastian Cabrera

Paula Carbonell

Ygnacio “Iggy” Carbonell

Richard Cassedy

Campbell Cawood

Jane Dawkins and Charles Newman

Florence Fox-Loeb

Richard P. Jones (Dick)

Barbara Kellner

Joe Liszka

Peter MacDougall

Patricia T. Major

G. Ross McKee Jr.

William C. Euler, Jr. and Andrew F. Oates, Jr.

Robert F. and Martha W. Sauer

William L. Schrufer (Bill)

Jean Stearns

Marion Stevens

Charlotte M. Toppino

Robert Townshend

Dorothy Lee Booth Witwer and George O. Witwer

David W. Wolkowsky

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