Tools for Nonprofits

Strengthening and supporting nonprofits is one of CFFK’s primary roles. Here’s a list of the numerous tools and resources we provide to nonprofits.

  • Grants

CFFK provides a number of grant programs to help strengthen and support the nonprofit sector. Click here for information about current grant programs.

  • Unsung Heroes — Nonprofit Volunteer Recognition

The annual Unsung Heroes/Volunteer of the Year Luncheon recognizes volunteerism in the Florida Keys. All nonprofit organizations are invited to nominate an individual to receive a certificate of recognition for their unpaid contributions to their organization during the past year. Click here for more information.

  • Leadership Success Academy

The Leadership Success Academy (LSA) provides specific leadership and governance skill building programming and activities to board members and CEOs of local nonprofit organizations. This certification program focuses on Leadership Assessment and Servant Leadership, Roles and Responsibilities of Board and Staff, Financial Literacy, Fundraising and Development, and Strategic Planning and Change Management. Click here for more information.

  • Center for NonProfit Excellence

Modeled after successful nonprofit center programs across the country, the mission of the Center for NonProfit Excellence (CNPE) is to provide a wide range of resources and services that strengthen and support the leadership and management of nonprofit organizations located in the Florida Keys through best practices. The Leadership Success Academy, Unsung Heroes Luncheon and Grant Writing Success Workshop are programs offered through the Center for NonProfit Excellence.

  • Funds and Endowments

CFFK provides agency fund and endowment management services and can accept a variety of types of gifts, including stocks and on-line donations to all funds under management. Call 305-292-1502 to speak to a representative or schedule an appointment.

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