Professional Advisors in Paradise

Advisors can help!

It’s simple. Professional advisors know their clients and provide expert guidance about their personal wealth. The Community Foundation knows philanthropy and has been a trusted resource for more than 25 years.

We work together with professional advisors (accountants, attorneys, wealth managers, financial planners, insurance professionals, and other advisors) to help their clients do even more to support the causes and organizations they value while achieving their financial objectives, meeting their personal philanthropic goals, and helping build our Keys community for the future.

Thanks to these Florida Keys professionals who partner with the Community Foundation to help individuals and families achieve their philanthropic goals.

Samuel Kaufman, Attorney

“The Community Foundation is a great resource for individuals who want to be assured that their money is safely accounted for and distributed according to their wishes. CFFK will be in the community for a long time and is reliable, credible, and supports the community.”

Bobby Highsmith, Certified Wills, Trusts and Estates Attorney

“One of my guiding principles is to keep your estate plan as flexible as possible and giving through the Community Foundation gives you that opportunity. Working with CFFK has all the benefits of a private foundation. Donors can do what they want to do through CFFK, benefit from their advice, and have a synergistic benefit to the community.”

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