Leadership Success Academy

It’s back! Our bootcamp for nonprofit board members returns August 19-20, 2021, at the Tennessee Williams Theatre in Key West. Don’t miss our signature program that has coached over 500 leaders from 100+ nonprofits throughout the Keys. Details of this year’s all-new sessions below, including important new safety information, updated following recent CDC recommendations!


For your safety, organization groups will be socially distanced from each other in the large, well-ventilated Tennessee Williams Theatre lobby. As extra caution:

  1. If you have not been fully vaccinated please wear a sufficient mask;
  2. If anyone in your group has not been fully vaccinated, we strongly encourage all group members to wear masks;
  3. Presenters and staff are all vaccinated and will not wear masks during their presentations, but will be located a good distance away from participants during those presentations;
  4. Presenters or staff WILL wear masks when facilitating individual groups.


The Leadership Success Academy (LSA) is our essential board training program that equips nonprofit leaders and board members with national best practices in all areas from governance and strategic planning to fundraising and financial management.

“Having worked with Keys nonprofits for ten years, I’ve come to dislike the term ‘sit on a board’ because when you agree to govern a charity you are accepting a huge responsibility to donors who have invested in that charity’s work,” said Jennifer McComb, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys. “We at the Community Foundation are excited to work with our nonprofit leaders who are committed to doing more than just sitting in meetings every month. They are people who want to effect positive change during their term on a board. I know many locals who have completed our low-cost training and learned to ask more questions, think outside the way things have always been done, and take steps to get the organizations they care about to the next level.”

Topics covered typically include legal and ethical responsibilities of nonprofit board members (and, equally as important, where board duties end and should be delegated to staff); expert instruction in how to read and interpret financial documents; tips on how board members can effectively spread the word and raise more funds; and guidance on how to implement strategic planning and servant leadership practices to produce measurable results.

LSA has trained over 500 leaders from nonprofits throughout the Keys. The program is for anyone working with or serving in an advisory capacity with a nonprofit organization or other community group. The program is open to 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofits, membership or service/civic organizations, and government groups and coalitions. More than 100 Monroe County nonprofits have participated in the program. Even if your organization has participated in the past, you’ll want new members to sign up. Board leadership changes and this program is a great way to work effectively as a team.

The Leadership Success Academy is made possible thanks to generous donors holding funds with the Community Foundation.

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