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Category: Environment

A Natures Sanctuary, Incorporated

101425 Overseas Hwy Ste 815
Key Largo, FL 33037

(305) 896-7777

Mission: “Our goal is to preserve the land for future generations. To protect the wild life, plants, wet lands, forests, beaches, and even the deserts. Everything was placed on this planet for a reason. There are many different philosophies as to who or what  created our planet. But, it is a fact that each and every thing that is on our planet is interdependent on and upon each other. There are quite a few ecological Non Profits in existence and they have varying philosophies. What we do is cut through the red tape and politics and purchase or have donated land to us for the sole purpose of conservation. Where this land will never be tampered with in the future. We also acquire land and return it to it’s natural state. This is what we do. This is our purpose.”

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Artificial Reefs of the Keys

P.O. Box 4190
Key West, FL 33040

(305) 797-7077 

Mission: “Artificial Reefs of the Keys is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group in Key West, Florida, who brought the de-commissioned ex-USAFS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg to our waters to become an artificial reef.”

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Audubon House

205 Whitehead Street
Key West, FL 33040

(305) 294-2116

Mission: “Maintaining a museum of antique furnishings and 19th century original artworks to engage, inspire and educate the public to the spirit of ecological conservation.”

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

Children’s Memorial Tree Garden of Key Largo

P.O. Box 3000
Ocean Side/Tree Garden Way
Key Largo, FL 33037

Mission: The park provides dedicated areas within municipal passive parks where parents who have lost a child may dedicate close to home, a living tree, with a plaque in memory of that child. The Key Largo Park is a protected hardwood hammock.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Clean Florida Keys Inc.

Clean Florida Keys Inc.
P.O. Box 1528
Key West, FL 33040

(305) 296-3791

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

Conch Republic Marine Army

Conch Republic Marine Army
PO Box 430146
Big Pine Key, FL 33043

(804) 815-0655

Mission: Habitat restoration, and to cleanup and protect the coasts, mangroves, and waterways of the Florida Keys.
Following a natural disaster, CRMA coordinates cleanup requests from community members and directs a multi-disciplinary volunteer restoration team to assist in recovery efforts. Monthly cleanup events can attract as many as 200 volunteers on both water and land to collect and remove debris. Because CRMA is a volunteer-lead and -driven organization, we use passive restoration techniques to reduce or eliminate the sources of degradation and permit enough recovery time to allow the site to naturally regenerate

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Coral Restoration Foundation

Coral Restoration Foundation
89111 Overseas Hwy
Tavernier, FL 33070

(305) 453-7030

Mission:  The Coral Restoration Foundation began restoring reefs in the Florida Keys in 2007 and now operates on a global scale. We are a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to developing and implementing effective strategies to protect and restore our coral reefs. We seek to educate others on the importance of our oceans and we utilize science to inform our monitoring and restoration efforts.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Crane Point Museum and Nature Center

5550 Overseas Highway
Marathon, FL 33050

(305) 743-3900

Mission: To promote, preserve and protect the culture and history of the Florida Keys and our unique environment.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

Dolphin Plus Marine Mammal Responder (DPMMR)

31 Corrine Place
Key Largo, FL 33037

(305) 453-4321

Mission: Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder (DPMMR), a 501(c)3, is committed to the conservation and protection of marine mammals, worldwide, through our active involvement in conservation, research, extensive education, and outreach programs. DPMMR leads and operates the only whale and dolphin stranding organization covering 10,000 square miles of marine habitat in the Florida Keys. DPMMR promotes a greater understanding of marine ecosystem science, marine mammal conservation, and environmental stewardship via powerful daily interactions with the general public.

Dolphin Research Center

58901 Overseas Highway
Grassy Key, FL 33050

(305) 289-1121
(305) 743-7627 – Fax

Mission: Dolphin Research Center is a not-for-profit education and research facility that is home to a colony of bottlenose dolphins and sea lions. Located in the heart of the Florida Keys, our animals live in a natural environment in the Florida Bay. We are dedicated to teaching, learning, and caring for marine mammals and the environment we share.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

Don Hawley Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 603
Islamorada, FL 33036

(305) 664-5423

Mission: “To make a meaningful difference in the lives of Florida Keys’ Inshore Fishing Guides; to promote sport fishing conservation and the preservation of marine resources surrounding the waters of Islamorada; to contribute to and support marine research and education; to provide support to Islamorada’s environmental health.”

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Florida Bay Forever Save Our Waters

PO Box 826
Islamorada, FL 33036

(786) 572-7051

Mission: To preserve, protect, and improve the Florida Bay by cultivating a community of citizens and tourists informed of its environmental and economic value and engaged in continued sustainable enjoyment of it.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association

PO BOX 501404
Marathon, FL 33050

Mission: “Organize the Florida Keys fishermen into an effective lobby to portect and promote the fishing industry; encourage laws that protect the fishing industry of South Florida while improving its sustainability; advance the science of fishing through cooperative research; partner with all other community associations working toward sustaining the fishing community; work with the county, state and federal agencies to minimize the negative impact of regulations on fishermen while improving the conservation of marine resources.”

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

Florida Keys Environmental Fund, Inc.

PO Box 1169
Islamorada, FL 33036

(305) 664-9779

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Florida Keys History and Discovery Foundation (Florida Keys History and Discovery Center)

82100 Overseas Highway
Islamorada,  FL 33036

Phone: (305) 922-2237

Mission: To develop and maintain a world-class History and Discovery Center that will accurately reflect the history of our Florida Keys community in a multi-faceted and interactive environment.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

11450 Overseas Highway Suite 102
P.O. Box 504301
Marathon, FL 33050

(305) 289-2288
305-289-2289 – Fax

Mission: The mission of Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys is to provide awareness of and build support for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS), and to seek to protect the endangered coral reef marine ecosystem for current and future generations through education, scientific research, outreach and preservation. Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys (SFFFK) was created to provide and sponsor education, training and research programs for public education. Our goal is to increase the public’s understanding the unique coral reefs adjacent to the Florida Keys, and to awaken an appreciation of its ecological and economic value.

Florida Keys Wildlife Society

PO Box 431840
Big Pine Key, FL 33043

Mission: The Florida Keys Wildlife Society is the official friends group of the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuge Complex.  Our mission is to support the National Wildlife Refuges of the Florida Keys through education, non-adversarial advocacy, volunteerism and fundraising.  The Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Complex includes the National Key Deer Refuge, the Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge, the Key West National Wildlife Refuge and the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge.


Friends of Old Seven

5409 Overseas Highway
Suite 271
Marathon, FL 33050


Mission: “To establish and lead a public/private partnership to save, restore, enhance and maintain the Old Seven Mile Bridge through sound planning, solid public and private funding (including significant local counterpart sharing), responsible project execution, scheduled maintenance and, first and foremost, continuing widespread community support.” In addition, our vision is: “Through the application of fresh, innovative architectural/engineering design alternatives, rehabilitate the Old Seven Mile Bridge while transforming it and immediate areas (Pigeon Key, Sunset Park, Knights Key) into a unique family-friendly integrated world-class eco-tourism destination for all of the Florida Keys.”

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Garden Club of the Upper Keys

94040 Overseas Highway
Tavernier, FL 33070

Mission: To develop, promote, protect and conserve the natural beauty of the Upper Keys. We accomplish these through education of and in cooperation with our members, residents and visitors.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

Green Living & Energy Education (GLEE)

PO Box 754
Key West, FL 33040


Mission: Educate and promote sustainable living for individuals, businesses & govt. while encouraging the development of green jobs and eco-tourism.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Honest Eco

201 William Street
Key West FL 33040

(305) 304-9774

Mission: Educate the children of the community about science and conservation through experience and experiments.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

Isabela Oceanographic Institute, Inc.

24 Mangrove Ln.
Key Largo, FL 33037

(305) 453-9583

Mission: Conservation through Education – to help establish an ecologically sustainable and stable social economy for the Galapagos archipelago by providing support in the education, conservation and development sectors. We work in the island of Isabela to generate educational, economic and social benefits for the community of Puerto Villamil. IOI assists local institutions with the execution of existing long term projects, re-inforce management and development of the education sector, and help the community further investigate human environmental interaction to increase understanding and protection of the local environment, thus generating benefits for the eco-system as well as for the local eco-tourism.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Key West Botanical Garden Society, Inc.

5210 College Rd.
Key West, FL 33040

(305) 296-1504 – Phone
(305) 296-2242 – Fax

Mission: To preserve, develop, expand and maintain the historic Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden as an arboretum, botanical garden, museum, wildlife refuge and educational center.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

Key West Garden Club

1100 Atlantic Blvd
Key West, FL 33040

(305) 294 3210 

Mission: “The mission of the club is to provide educational opportunities for the community relating to tropical gardening and to the West Martello Tower, a historical facility where the club is located.”

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Last Stand

P.O. Box 146
Key West, FL 33041-0146

(305) 296-3335

Mission: “Last Stand has been organized to promote, preserve, and protect the quality of life in the city of Key West, the Florida Keys and their environs, with particular emphasis on the natural environment.”

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes
501(c)(3) Public Charity: Yes

Marine Mammal Resource Foundation of the Upper Key

31 Corrine Place
Key Largo, FL 33037

MarineLab / Marine Resources Development Foundation

P.O. Box 787
Key Largo, FL 33037-0787

(305) 451-1139

Mission: To use education and adventure in the Florida Keys marine ecosystem to foster environmental awareness and stewardship on a local, regional and global scale.

Volunteer Opportunities: No

Mote Marine Laboratory (Key West)

33 East Quay Road
Key West, FL 33040

(305) 296-3551

Mission: Dedicated to advancing the science of the sea through the study of marine ecosystems and devoted to public outreach via the Living Reef Exhibit at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center in Key West and educational programs.

Mote Marine Laboratory, Inc.

24244 Overseas Parkway
Summerland Key, FL 33042

(941) 388-4441

Mission: An independent, nonprofit marine research and science institution dedicated to the advancement of environmental sciences through scientific research, education and public outreach; revitalization and sustainability of our oceans, and; greater public understanding of our marine resources.

501(c)3 Public Charity: Yes
Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

Pigeon Key Foundation

P.O. Box 500130
Marathon, FL 33050

(305) 289-0025

Mission: The Pigeon Key Foundation & Marine Science Center located on Pigeon Key, underneath the old seven-mile bridge, in the heart of the Florida Keys. We are a 501©3 not-for-for-profit organization whse mission is three fold: First, to make the Island available to the community, projects, programs and activities that is generally though of as being beneficial to the citizens of Monroe County. Second, to utilize the facilities at Pigeon Key as an open campus for delivering education to youth and the general public about the historical, environmental, and cultural significance of the Florida Keys. Lastly, to operate the Island’s affairs in such a manner to ensure its future economic viability, paying particular attention tot he requirements of maintaining its historical structures.

Reef Environmental Education Foundation

Reef Environmental Education Foundation
98300 Overseas Highway
Key Largo, FL 33037

(305) 852-0030

Mission: REEF was founded in 1990 out of a growing concern about the health of the marine environment, and the desire to provide the public ways to contribute to the understanding and protection of marine populations. REEF has expanded to protect biodiversity and ocean life worldwide, by actively engaging and inspiring the public through citizen science, education, and partnerships with the scientific community. REEF’s strategic partnerships with government agencies, scientific and academic institutions, the non-profit sector, the dive industry, and local communities amplify the efforts of individual volunteers, allowing them to make significant contributions to ongoing conservation projects. REEF serves the Florida Keys and visitors by providing educational programming for all ages on fish identification, invasive species prevention, endangered species and conservation awareness.

Reef Relief

631 Greene Street
Key West, FL 33040

(305) 294-3100

Mission: Dedicated to preserving and protecting our coral reef ecosystem.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

RPM Nautical Foundation

7009 Shrimp Road #3
Key West, FL 33040

(305) 294-3400

Mission: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to advance research in the field of nautical archeology. Performing surveys, site documentation, excavation and artifact recovery in support of leading archeological institutions.

Save A Turtle

P.O. Box 361
Islamorada, FL 33036

(305) 852-8777 

Mission: Save-A-Turtle, Inc. of the Florida Keys is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of rare and endangered marine turtles and to the enhancement of their habitats here in the Keys and throughout the world.  The organization was formed in 1985 under the sponsorship of the Florida Park Service, the Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission (now the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or FWCC), and St. James the Fisherman Church.

Save Our Pines

Mission: Save Our Pines mission is to preserve and maintain the Australian Pine canopy at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park in Key West.


Seacamp Association

1300 Big Pine Avenue
Big Pine Key, FL 33043

(305) 872-2331

Mission: To create awareness of the complex and fragile world and to foster critical thinking and informed decision making about man’s use of natural resources.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

South Florida Resource Conservation and Development

15600 SW 288th St Ste 304
Homestead , FL 33033

(305) 246-4319

Mission: The South Florida Resource Conservation & Development Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all citizens in our service area through developing resource conservation projects.

Surfrider Foundation, Florida Keys

400 Whitehead Street, #691
Key West, FL 33041


Mission: The Florida Keys chapter of the Surfrider Foundation seeks to foster a sense of stewardship for the unique and fragile ecosystem of the Florida Keys. Through activism, public education and partnerships with local businesses and community members we seek to promote public awareness of how our everyday choices have a meaningful impact on the beaches, oceans and wetlands we all rely on.

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

The Everglades Trust, Inc.

11 Deleon Ave.
Islamorada, FL 33036

(305) 664-5598

The Nature Conservancy

P.O. Box 420237
Summerland Key, FL 33042

(305) 745-8402

Mission: The mission of the Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

The Ocean Conservancy

449 Central Ave Ste 200
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

(727) 895-2188

Volunteer Opportunities: Yes

The Sam And Christine Trophia Butterfly Research

1316 Duval St.
Key West, FL 33040

(305) 296-2988

Mission: Restoring butterfly habitat throughout the Keys and Key West by planting butterfly-attracting plants and flowers

Upper Keys Artificial Reef Foundation, Inc.

106000 U.S. 1
Key Largo, FL 33037

(305) 451-1414

Mission: The mission of the Upper Keys Artificial Reef Foundation is to support the use of artificial reefs in the Upper Keys as a means of reducing pressure on the natural coral reef ecosystem and to provide additional recreational opportunities for visitors and residents.

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