Twelve Nonprofits Awarded a Total of $65,000 in Grants for Arts and Culture Initiatives

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2017 Grant to MARC House (left to right): MARC Executive Director Diana Flenard, Anita Milian, Pete Sweet, MARC staff member Jenn Marciano, CFFK Grant Committee Chair Rita Linder, and Pam Nelson

2017 Grant to Monroe Association for ReMARCable Citizens: (left to right) MARC Executive Director Diana Flenard, Anita Milian, Pete Sweet, MARC staff member Jenn Marciano, CFFK Grant Committee Chair Rita Linder, and Pam Nelson

Twelve Florida Keys nonprofit organizations have been awarded a total of $65,034 in grants, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, through the 2017 Grant Program funding arts, music, theatre, historical and cultural projects. The grants will positively affect more than 4,600 residents from Key West to Key Largo.

Projects will provide arts opportunities for low-income youth, support arts education efforts, enrich artists’ professional development, showcase the culinary skills of developmentally disabled adults, support environmental clean up efforts into recycled art projects, and much more.

For this round of grants, the Community Foundation’s Grants Committee reviewed 24 applications and selected 12 for funding. Priority was given to new projects, and grants were awarded based on innovation, community impact, and collaboration.

The Grant Program is funded through generous donations to the Future Fund at CFFK as well as the Jack Baron Visual Grant Fund, the Florence Fox-Loeb Key West Music and Arts Fund, the Jones-DelMonte Endowment, and the William C. Euler, Jr. and Andrew F. Oates, Jr. Fund.

The 2017 Grant Program Arts and Culture recipients and their funded programs are:

  • Bahama Village Music Program – $6,500 for “Keys Kids Jr,” a project to bring musical theatre to over 50 low and middle-income youth in grades 3-8 at Horace O’Bryant School through their involvement in all aspects of a complete theatrical production. The musical will also provide volunteer and educational opportunities for approximately 15 high school students.
  • Florida Keys Council of the Arts — $3,000 to support “Art Is Your Business,” a series of professional development workshops Keys-wide to support over 250 Keys artists and other community members by teaching them skills to build successful careers, including business fundamentals, technology skills, and grants writing.
  • Gerald Adams Elementary School — $7,604 for “3D Printed Art for the 21st Century Artist,” a project to provide 3D printer hardware and software for approximately 650 students to use with creative problem solving as part of the art curriculum as well as other cross-curricular subjects including science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Impromptu Classical Concerts — $8,000 for “Remember Lenny (Bernstein),” which will honor the legendary composer and frequent Key West visitor Leonard Bernstein for a centennial celebration, including an evening of discussions and musical moments by notable people who knew Bernstein here.
  • Key West Theater and Community Stage $10,000 for the “Key West School for the Performing Arts,” a project to prepare Florida Keys youth and visitors from ages 8 to 18 for a career in the theater arts through classes and workshops. This year-round, multidisciplinary programming does not currently exist in the Keys.
  • Marathon Community Theatre — $1,000 to support the “Children’s Summer Theatre,” which provides classroom and hand-on programs for approximately 50 youth ages 6 to 18 in all aspects of community theatre, including directing, producing, lighting, costuming, set-building, and performing.
  • Monroe Association for ReMARCable Citizens — $4,000 to support the “ReMARCable Dinner Among the Flowers” project to showcase the culinary skills of approximately 15 developmentally disabled MARC clients from the MARC Rainbow Café. The project will include the preparation and service of 50 five-course meals, served outdoors and open to the community.
  • Morada Way Arts & Cultural District — $7,000 to support “Trades in the Arts and Beyond,” a series of six, 8-week professional development courses for approximately 100 artists to focus on workplace application of trade skills, business development and planning.
  • Old Island Restoration Foundation — $1,000 for “Vintage Play: 1800s Interactive Playground,” a project of the Oldest House Museum to gather 1800s period toys, instruments, games and costumes to be used by resident and visiting children and families to learn interactively about Key West history.
  • Tennessee Williams Key West Exhibit — $5,430 for “Life Story – Two Unknown Plays of Tennessee Williams,” two performances of a theatrical presentation of two rarely performed works to enrich and educate up to 200 new and familiar audience members about the celebrated playwright.
  • Treasure Village Montessori School — $4,000 for “Croc Lake Garbage to Bottle Tree Art,” a joint community project of 250 students (K-8), parents and educators at Treasure Village Montessori, and community members to clean up the National Croc Wildlife Refuge and use the hundreds of discarded glass bottles to build bottle tree art at the school and locally to bring awareness to recycled art and animal abuse.
  • The Studios of Key West — $7,500 for “Undying Love,” a series of 10 performances to reach approximately 800 audience members with an original musical by local writer and musician Ben Harrison telling a sensational Key West story.


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