Providing Community Leadership Through Disaster Recovery

In 2018, Keys residents were still reeling from the long-term destructive impacts of Hurricane Irma. Residents who lost their homes… fishers in the devastated commercial fishing industry… teachers, police officers, and workers in the diminished tourism industry… children and families in need of supplies and medical care… All received critical help from CFFK’s disaster relief initiative.

Over more than 18 months, CFFK mobilized efforts to provide $1.4 million in relief aiding tens of thousands of residents in rebuilding their lives. Michelle, a mother from one of the hardest hit areas of Big Pine Key, said, “I was so overwhelmed after Hurricane Irma. A piece of my life was restored with CFFK’s help and gave me hope again.”

CFFK is now at the forefront of several transformative community initiatives for long-term rebuilding. Serving as the Fiscal Agent for the Monroe County Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG), we’ve been helping the LTRG address the ongoing effects on residents. The group is providing case management services for those struggling with the mental, financial, housing and other long-term impacts of getting their lives back in order and making sure their children and families are safe. CFFK is also at the forefront of providing affordable housing for families who are disaster victims. Working with generous partners, we’re leading the way to making the Keys even better for the future.

Read the report below on 2017 Hurricane Irma disaster relief efforts.

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