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Message from Dianna Sutton, April 2018:

Your Quarterly Fund Activity Statement for the period ending March 31, 2018 is available below. The most recent Quarterly Investment Performance Report is available here.

The diversification investment strategy worked this quarter. Even with market volatility, the main endowment investment pool performance is down approximately 1% through March 31st.

We are pleased to report we have added eight new philanthropic partners with eight new funds since the first of this year, bringing the total to 145 funds and endowments under CFFK management. Additionally, we are announcing two upcoming grant rounds. The first is the Arts and Culture Field of Interest Grants in May. Also, we are continuing with our Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief Initiative to distribute additional grants in June. Information on both of these programs is available here.

We are working to provide you the best service in managing your fund investments and grant distributions. Please do not hesitate to contact Mark Songer or me if you have any questions.


Dianna L. Sutton, President and CEO


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