New Resources Explore the Collective Impact Process


Cutting-edge thinking about the Collective Impact process, an innovative approach to addressing community-wide issues, is now available  below in nine new articles recently published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. The new resources share the diverse perspectives of 22 practitioners, funders, community organizers, and thought-leaders on important collective impact topics such as public policy, evaluation, sources of power, and community engagement.

CFFK and the Key West Chamber of Commerce have been exploring Collective Impact as a way to address some of our community issues in a new way since a public forum was held July 14th. Facilitator Mark Brewer, president/CEO of the Central Florida Foundation, discussed creating a collective impact process and provided models from other communities. We are now in the exploratory phase of learning more about collective impact and how a collaborative process could benefit our community. (Read more about collective impact and the forum now.)

The nine new articles were sponsored and curated by the Collective Impact Forum, an initiative of FSG (social impact consultants) and the Aspen Institute for Community Solutions. The collaborative is a resource for people and organizations using the collective impact approach to address large-scale social and environmental problems. The group hopes to increase the effectiveness and adoption of collective impact by providing practitioners with access to tools, training opportunities, and peer networks.The articles are provided as resources for those wishing to explore further the Collective Impact process.

The nine new articles can be viewed individually by topic:

All nine articles are also available in one document– Collective Insights on Collective Impact.

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