New Fund Will Support New Homeless Shelter, Support Services

Providing shelter and support services for those experiencing homelessness, including the building of a new facility, is the goal of the new Cornerstone Resource Fund at CFFK. The new fund is established by Cornerstone Resource Alliance (CRA) and will create a permanent foundation for the wellness of homeless individuals in the Keys. CRA was founded as a nonprofit in 2020 and received the City of Key West’s contract to manage the Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter (KOTS).

Contributions to the fund will support building and maintaining a brand-new facility to provide shelter and case management support services and will also support maintaining services in Key West until the new one is built. CRA expects to break ground on the new facility in late summer 2021, with completion some time in 2022.

“This fund is important because it will assist our community in building an emergency homeless shelter with wraparound services such as meals, healthcare, case management, and other supportive services,” says Elicia Pintabona, founder and president of CRA. “We are the only non-fee-based shelter in Monroe County, serving some of our most vulnerable residents.”

Contributions to the fund will go toward integral parts of the new facility, such as an industrial laundry, a medical clinic, and an on-site kitchen. Anyone interested in making a gift to the CRA Fund may click here.

The Community Foundation manages 156 funds, including more than 55 agency funds and endowments for nonprofits, including CRA. Questions about CRA and the new shelter may be directed to


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