Marriott Beachside Contributes $70,000 Since 2015 To Benefit Culture, Environment

(left to right): Dianna Sutton, President Emerita, CFFK; Clif Taylor, retiring general manager, Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel; new Marriott Beachside General Manager George Galvan; Jennifer McComb, President and CEO, CFFK. (Photo by Peter Arnow)

CFFK recently received a generous $5,926 donation from the Key West Marriott Beachside as part of our Business Partner in Paradise Program. Through the program, one dollar from every guest staying at the Marriott Resort throughout the year is donated to CFFK programs. Since 2015, Marriott has donated a total of $69,723 for programs to benefit our Keys’ culture, environment and more.

“The Community Foundation thanks the Marriott Beachside, and especially the Spottswood family, for being our long-time Business Partner in Paradise,” says Jennifer McComb, President and CEO of CFFK. “For more than five years, Marriott Beachside has supported nonprofits through this innovative program which has served to encourage others in the lodging industry to replicate the successful program. Their generous support has helped improve quality of life throughout the Keys.”

The Business Partner in Paradise Program with local hotels, guesthouses and other visitor-related businesses, provides the opportunity for guests to make voluntary donations (typically $1 per guest/visit) to support CFFK programs to benefit nonprofit organizations and residents throughout the Keys. Since 2015, CFFK has been a recipient of Marriott Beachside’s guest voluntary donation program, which the resort originated a number of years ago.

For more information on how businesses can partner with CFFK to support our Keys community, please click here.

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