A Community Foundation is unique — a nonprofit that exists to serve its area’s nonprofits. Central to that service is helping individuals in the community meet their philanthropic goals by supporting their favorite causes and nonprofit organizations.

Since 1996, CFFK has delivered more than $20 million in total grants to the community from donor funds. As the Foundation grows in resources, it will deliver a correspondingly greater volume of benefits to the community

Here are some of the ways in which CFFK is of help to nonprofits:

1. INCREASED POOL OF FUNDING … financial help not otherwise available

The Foundation helps create new funds for nonprofits, by attracting individuals to tax and estate-planning strategies that involve charitable gifts. In bringing special conveniences and efficiency to established donors with charitable interests, the Foundation likewise adds to the pool of money available to nonprofits. Donors’ funds can even be set up in perpetuity, supplying an endless stream of financial help.

2. SECURE FUNDING … from money committed to charitable purposes

The Foundation’s funds are stable, secure pools of money, dedicated to the donors’ charitable interests and distributed accordingly. The money belongs to the world of our community’s nonprofits; it cannot be used for any other purpose.

3. TARGETED FUNDING … to meet special needs

CFFK is in continual communication with the community’s nonprofits, adding its informed insights to the donor’s own interests, and identifying changing circumstances or emerging needs. Result: a new, timely, high impact precision in charitable distributions, helping to direct funds where they will do the most good.

4. MORE FUNDING … growing as the Foundation grows

CFFK is developing an endowment of unrestricted funds that can be used at the Foundation’s discretion, to meet emerging or emergency needs. These funds have already been used on a number of occasions, to protect specific nonprofit programs at risk for lack of funding.


Through its technical seminars and workshops, CFFK brings highly professional instruction and advice to nonprofits. Recent areas of help: legal problems & opportunities for nonprofits, fund-raising techniques, guides to more efficient board & staff relations, website & email strategies.


CFFK’s skills in investing and managing the Foundation’s funds are available to all nonprofits with reserve funds or endowment money. CFFK’s money-management service is prudent, professional and profitable, and its performance is comparable to national standards.

Click here for a listing of the Monroe County 501(c)3 organizations we serve.

Click here for more information on all of CFFK’s programs, resources and tools for nonprofits, through our Center for NonProfit Excellence.