Film Series Explored Social Justice Issues, Thanks to Dively Endowment Grant

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Social issues concerning privacy in America, politics, racism, the environment, and medical care in foreign countries were explored in the documentary film series at the Tropic Cinema titled “4 Nights 4 Justice.” The series, now in its third year, is funded by a grant from the Michael Dively Social Justice and Diversity Endowment, a Field of Interest fund at CFFK. The 2015 films and showings:

  • Monday, March 30, “Big Charity” – concerning the abrupt closing of America’s oldest public institution, Charity Hospital in New Orleans
  • Monday, April 6, “1971” – before WikiLeaks, a group of eight ordinary citizens stole secret FBI files to expose spying on American citizens
  • Monday, April 13, “Vessel” – a doctor creates ‘Women on Waves’ to provide reproductive options to women in international waters
  • Monday, April 20, “DamNation” – America’s 80,000 dams, once seen as unassailable progress, are now increasingly seen as destructive

Filmmakers from all films appeared in Key West for the showings. Q & A sessions with the filmmakers immediately followed each screening. In addition to the Dively Endowment, “4 Nights 4 Justice” is also funded, in part, by Holly Merrill and Ann Reynolds.


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