Endowment Building / Managing Endowments

The Community Foundation partners with nonprofit organizations by building and managing their endowments. The advantages to these organizations are impressive.

  • Creates a rainy day fund for emergency needs
  • Secures the future of your organization
  • Keeps up momentum created by successful fund raising activities
  • Enables nonprofits to focus on providing vital services, capacity building and strategic planning
  • Strengthens the organization’s financial position (powerful tool for seeking other grants)
  • Wider visibility and awareness for your organization
  • Potential avenue for greater donor involvement
  • Professional financial management and experience
  • Simplifies the complexity of investment management
  • Increased investment potential through pooled funds
  • Accountability and auditing
  • Your board sets the criteria for the fund
  • Quarterly reports (or upon request)

It’s a partnership that’s mutually and greatly rewarding. Local nonprofits are invited to learn more about the advantages and details of financial partnership with the Foundation. As Melissa Tausche, President of the Anne McKee Artist’s Fund, commented shortly after the Artist’s Fund shifted its endowment to CFFK, “Having the Community Foundation manage our endowment has solved so many problems for us, I can see why more and more nonprofits will want to partner with the Foundation.”

If you wish to contribute directly to a nonprofit endowment by check, please make the check payable to CFFK and indicate the non-profit endowment on the check’s memo. We will notify the nonprofit of your contribution.

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