Financial Overview

Currently the Foundation manages over 145 funds with assets over $25 million. CFFK’s investment expertise is respected in the community. A growing number of nonprofits are now asking about the Foundation’s financial policies and how their organizations might benefit from the Foundation’s money-management services.

The fundamental objective is for the Foundation’s endowed funds to achieve a total rate of return that facilitates a spending policy of 4.25%, after administrative expenses ranging from 1% to 2%, while maintaining the long-term purchasing power of the endowment.

Our Investment Policy statement describes the investment philosophy, long-term investment goals, and management procedures CFFK uses in managing its endowed funds. This policy also provides the ongoing framework for CFFK’s Investment Committee and is available on our website and upon request.

Our investment strategies are conservative, but aim to provide an annual payout from earned income, in addition to growth of the fund in pace with inflation. Our track record is solid: the Foundation not only matches appropriate indexes for sectors in which investments are made, but we also outperform the average of other managed funds.

In 2021 the Foundation’s funds were moved under management with Fidelity, a national leader in investment management. While each fund in the Foundation maintains its distinctive identity, it also is part of an investment pool, maximizing investment opportunities. CFFK’s Investment Committee reviews policies and progress regularly.

CFFK’s administrative fee schedule closely parallels the averages among U.S. community foundations. Donor-advised funds carry a low 1.5% annual fee. Scholarships and pass-through funds are charged 2%. Nonprofit endowments and operating funds pay 1%.

Consider a financial collaboration with the Foundation. Call or email us for more details.

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