2017 Grant Program — Deadline for Arts and Culture Projects May 15th, Apply Now

CFFK is now accepting applications for the 2017 Grant Program to support innovative projects serving residents and visitors throughout the Florida Keys.

Click here for application forms and more detailed information.

The Community Foundation will award up to $60,000  in each of two grant rounds this year in areas including healthcare, environment, the arts, and more.  The Second Round application deadline is May 15th for projects in the area of Arts and Culture. (The first round application deadline for projects in the areas of Health and Human Services, Environment, Recreation, and Animal Welfare has passed.)

All applications must be submitted using the online application form found at the link above.

The Grant Program is funded through generous donations made to the Florida Keys Future Fund at CFFK. Donations to the Future Fund to support grants to local nonprofits can be made here or by calling 305-292-1502.

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